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SiB! Nick Nitro 60's Fuzz Octave

31 Jul 2017 17:09 #1 por mondelo1970

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  • Género: Hombre
  • Fecha de Nacimiento: 29 Ene 1970
  • prueba de sonido del Fuzz de SiB! dos modos independientes fuzz y octavador o los dos a la vez.
    SiB! Nick Nitro Fuzz octave

    NICK NITRO includes 2 independent 1960's type fuzz circuitries within one box; capable of independent or layered operation.
    The leftside is a thick fuzz modeled after a Fuzz Face but with a smoother tone and much requested pleasingly reduced harshness; controlled by VOLUME and FUZZ. Silicon Transistors for more gain and sustain but with a some what Germanium feel.
    The rightside features the fundamental fuzz signal plus an octave higher follower fuzz; controlled by VOLUME and TONE. Based on the famous Oct@via but again with a smoother tone, less harshness and with the Octave being more prominent than on the originals.
    Each side is engaged by its own footswitch. Tri Color LED operation so user knows which effect is currently being used just by looking. RED indicates Fuzz only. Green indicates Octave only. Orange indicates layered operation, both Fuzz and Octave.
    Many find the originals to be Fender Amp unfriendly however Nick Nitro users commonly use this pedal with any amplifier with great results.
    The Nick Nitro is actually the combination of two earlier SIB Effects Pedals. The Butt Face and The Buttavia - Two completely seperate effects in the same box.

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