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Una Momia en el armario

27 Nov 2023 12:52 - 29 Nov 2023 13:38 #1 por CesarFornesBerlanga

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  • A Mummy in the closet - Take care!! Perhaps there is a Mummy in your closet?

    I am a Mummy
    kept in a closet

    my soul is cold
    my heart is broken

    waiting for something
    to bring me back
    to life
    under the bandages
    wrapping my body

    Time and its hours
    walk for the others
    there is only me
    surrounded by disorder

    Day and night have stopped
    at touching each other
    claro obscuro that swims
    here and there and everywhere

    My eyes can only watch
    clothes that no longer serve

    while I hear steps of life
    around my limbo
    but they are not those
    of the one I loved

    so so so so
    I am a Mummy
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