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The Night of the Blackbird

16 May 2022 14:32 #1 por CesarFornesBerlanga

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  • The Night of the Blackbird

    While I listen to the voice
    of the blackbird
    I look at your face
    why why why
    it's impossible to change past

    I think of a thousand things
    no clear thought
    stands out
    from the crowd
    that stirs stirs stirs
    in my mind
    screaming words
    that cover each others

    everything could be so simple
    like the games of childs
    but you
    have made me grave
    of your dreams
    and mines

    we are dead and alive
    under layers of time
    turned into stones
    over our heads

    while I listen to the voice
    of the blackbird
    singing singing singing
    to the night
    to the stars
    that are still what they are
    inertia over inertia
    like our life

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