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As in the convents

16 Jun 2022 14:50 #1 por CesarFornesBerlanga

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  • As in the convents

    I look inside of me
    there is only silence
    as in the convents

    I walk corridors
    corridors corridors
    where the memories
    walk in line

    I go counting doors
    one two and open three
    a naked woman prays
    before a cradle

    dark tears
    paint her cheeks
    white wings
    hang from a chair
    while her crying
    becomes sea
    under his knees

    She looks at me
    and I look at her
    she has my face
    and I hers

    I look inside of me
    mirror shards
    they rain from the roof
    everything is done

    and I start again
    to remake the glass
    of my reflection
    for when I look in my inside

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