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El Rayo

16 Nov 2022 14:53 - 16 Nov 2022 18:55 #1 por CesarFornesBerlanga

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  • The Ray

    I watch watch watch
    the light light light
    running by the walls walls walls

    searching out the corners
    to uncover their riddle

    how it climbs to the ceiling
    sparkling the crystals of the lamp

    I get lost in its travel
    even loving you like I do

    overwhelmed by the words
    that come from your mouth
    as if they were an avalanche
    that buries your life and mine x2

    But but but today
    I am dissolved
    I am a speck of dust amongst that dust
    suspended in a ray of sun

    I can no longer be
    the foothold to move your world
    even loving you like I do
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