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When cold burns

02 Oct 2023 20:38 #1 por CesarFornesBerlanga

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  • When cold burns

    I'm cold
    but I stay still
    without even trying
    to put on my jacket

    I light a cigarette and inhale
    the smoke
    without knowing for sure
    why do I repeat this rite
    that burns me
    between its threads

    I think of you
    I think of me
    covered by the cold
    that stirs me
    that stirs me

    I think of you
    I think of me x2


    The streets empty
    with the breath of winter
    while the leaves
    puting upside down
    the order
    that existed

    and while I smoke
    time seems a friend
    who sat to chat with me
    of your silence
    and mine

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